1200 Watt Heat Gun
1200 Watt Heat Gun

1200 Watt Heat Gun

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1200 Watt Heat Gun
Part Number: 94502
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This durable heat gun offers a  high temperature electric heat source for a wide range of

applications. Popular with a wide range of installers from high volume wire harness manufacturers

to heavy duty truck repair technicians, these tools have years of successful performance behind

them. Each gun offers dual temperature settings and include deflector attachments to evenly

distribute heat, making heat shrink installations faster, easier and less prone to scorching.


Cat. No.  94502

Length 9.75

Weight 1.9 lbs

Color  Blue

Heat Setting 1  750°F

Heat Setting 2  1100°F

Accessories 1 Piece

Stand  Fold Down

Power  1200 Watts

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