Ergonomic Crimp Tool
Ergonomic Crimp Tool

Ergonomic Crimp Tool

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Ergonomic Crimp Tool
Part Number: ILC-10-N
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A high quality ratchet hand tool that comfortably crimps lugs and terminals from 8 GA. – 1/0. The
ergonomic design allows for added crimp force with minimal exertion and the ratchet control
mechanism ensures every crimp is complete.

Features Include:
• Crimps #8 AWG. – 1/0 Copper Compression Lugs
• Rotatable Die for fast and easy size change
• Color-Coded Crimp Nests for correct crimps
• Ratchet Control Mechanism assures a complete crimp every time
• Ergonomic Design provides long molded handles to reduce hand stress

Weight 1-3/8 lbs.
Overall Length 11
Width 3.75
Conductor Range 8 AWG – 1/0
Color Yellow/Black

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