Heavy Duty 2500F Power Torch
Heavy Duty 2500F Power Torch

Heavy Duty 2500F Power Torch

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Heavy Duty 2500F Power Torch
Part Number: 94905
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The latest and most powerful butane torch yet, the heavy duty 94905 is equipped for the most
demanding jobs. The best there is in high output butane tools, the ribbed aluminum body with
ergonomic grip provide a light, but extremely durable tool. Leave your cumbersome propane setup
at the shop. This compact tool does it all. Features include:
• Waterproof Piezo Electronic Ignition dependable ignition in any condition
• Wind Resistant constant flame in the most extreme environments
• High BTU Torch Output propane power in a portable easily refillable tool
• Broad Base for safe hands-free operation

Length 4.73 in. (120mm)
Grip Dia. 1.78 in. (45mm)
Base Dia. 2.56 in. (65mm)
Height 6.8 in. (172mm)
Weight (w/o fuel) 1.02 lbs. (460g)
Tank Capacity 2.03 fl. oz. (60ml)
Operating Time (one tank) approx. 60 min. mid-setting
Color Blue
Note: Tool shipped without fuel
U.S. Patent 5,564,918

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